R2 Software

The R2 software is a unique Rapid Recovery solution for manufacturing companies where limiting downtime is considered extremely critical. Thet technology has been specifically developed to meet the needs and demands of manufacturing environments where down time results in lost revenue, delayed shipments, and ultimately reduced profits.

From DOS to Vista

R2 is the only software tool on the market that allows you to avoid lost time by being able to back-up and restore machines running on platforms ranging from DOS to the latest version of Windows.

Centrally deployed and managed

Centrally deployed and managed, handling thousands of clients simultaneously (limited only by your hardware), the R2 software is setting industry standards in simplicity and ease-of-use. (see The Product)

Fastest possible restoring time

Gives you the fastest possible restoring time — minimizing equipment down-time when a crash happens.

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Back-Up And Fastest Possible Recovery
Many major globally operating manufacturing companies have thousands of production machines acquired over the years — and as a result, they need a back-up and recovery system that supports all operating systems seamlessly from early Windows 95 to the latest Microsoft Windows version

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